Social Media Abuse

Hello, lovely.

I decided to conducted a little test/experiment on myself and took a social media hiatus. But now I’m back, in black and better than ever! Seriously though, the break did me well. For once I wasn’t checking facebook while cuddled up in bed about to go to sleep, no logging into my email as soon as my alarm went off in the morning, I didn’t pine over lovely mermaid hair on pinterest while eating lunch. In short, I realized social media can be a serious addiction, one we don’t even realize the scope of until it’s gone.

The first couple days were a little rough, I was definitely restless and felt a lack of connection. I wondered what people were up to, but mainly I wanted them to know what I was up to. That’s when it hit me: social media isn’t so much about being connected as it is about showing off. I mean, a little bit, right? Not entirely, not all the time, but a lot of the time it is. I wanted to post pictures of my outfit, where I went hiking, a pretty sunset, my adorable niece and I wondered about my friends less and less.

After the first week of my experiment, I didn’t even miss social media. It was easy to get through the day after a solid week of avoiding temptation, and I was amazed to find my iPhone still had about 70% battery life at the end of the day. WOW! After that second week I noticed I had better concentration and I was sleeping better at night (can I get a hell yeah?!).

Now I’m connected again, which has brought a whole new lesson: I realized social media itself is not bad but that I had been abusing it. I recently had a very emotional day where I was questioning every decision I’ve made in recent months. I went on facebook and made a post about it and I was overwhelmed by the response from my friends. My silly status update brought so much support and love from friends near and far, I sat at my laptop and cried tears of joy at all the positive messages popping up before my eyes. This is what it’s about people!

Social media is fun, it’s supposed to be fun, you are supposed to post pictures from your awesome vacation to Hawaii (and it’s even alright if you sort of hope your friends are jealous), but it is also a support network at times. When someone is feeling down, a simple emoji can express their feelings of hopelessness and can illicit a powerful response from friends and family. So I am vowing to stop over doing it on facebook and instagram (my two favs!) I will pay more attention to my friends posts and not just concern myself with my own.

It’s a gift really, this magical portal that can connect me to my friends who are far away.



Wish You Were Here

I have the travel bug.

There is no sense denying it and I wouldn’t want to anyway. I want to experience as much as I can in as many different places as possible. My latest leap has brought me to this magical place known as western North Carolina. Asheville is a lovely city and the Blue Ridge Mountains have completely consumed me. There is so much to discover right here under my nose!


That brings me to the purpose of this post; I wish you were here. Lately I have enjoyed a whirlwind of adventures hiking these magical mountains. The beauty I’ve seen has taken my breath away and I wish so badly that I could share my experiences with my family in GA, my friends in CT and many other friends who are adventuring around the world. All of this has inspired me to start a social media series which I’m calling Wish You Were Here. This project will consist of pictures form my adventuring and short video clips of the beauty that is all around just waiting to inspire us.

Look out for #wishyouwerehere on my other pages: Instagram facebook tumblr

Where does the momentum go?

You have a dream! Then you get organized and the dream becomes a goal, then you plan for your goal so that it becomes clear and obtainable. Somewhere along the way you lose that boost of inspiration and excitement that sparked the quest in the first place. Where did that initial momentum go? The law of momentum conservation says that whatever you collided with gained what you lost. So if you are colliding with your dream/goal/plan then that is where your momentum is! Boom!

Inspired again?

You should be. You are giving life to your dream. It is all to easy to lose sight of what you’re working for once you put yourself in the middle of it. It’s like looking at a garden and making up your mind that that is where you want to be and what you want to work on. But once you are in the middle of that garden, on the ground surrounded by weeds, it’s a lot harder to see where you should focus your attention. I say look down at what you’ve got and go from there. You’re heart may say start at the far corner and work your way back. There isn’t a wrong answer.

A friend posted this article by Sarah Von Bargan on facebook earlier, I think you should check it out: How To Actually Do The Stuff You Say You Want To Do. My favorite part of this post is the end where Von Bargan says doing begets more doing. Our potential is like a flower in that garden I mentioned before; once you start “doing” that flower grows more and more util it drops its own seeds…then more flowers grow.

I get really hung up on the financial side of things. I need some photography equipment that I can’t exactly afford. So I’m focusing on what I have available to me right now and I’m doing what I can. Last night I did this: Reaching people is so important to me. I’ve said before that one of my main goals is to inspire others to follow their own hearts and dreams. The web and social media make it so easy to reach people all over the world. So cheers to you friends from facebook, instagram and now tumblr! Go get ’em!

IMG_1958 This is what work looks like.

Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

Ya know those people who typically see the glass half full? They try to see the good in a bad situation and smile through the difficult times? Yeah, that’s me. Usually. I have been feeling a bit discouraged lately. Asheville is a magical place, but it’s true what they say about finding a job here… so… difficult. It’s been about two months and I’ve sent out more resumes than I can count. Oh, I know this too shall pass but every now and then even a happy girl gets the blues.

But don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty to celebrate! I was lucky enough to be chosen by the most stellar, beautiful and incredible art gallery to be their intern. Check them out, CastellPhotographyGallery you will love them just as much as I do, I’m sure. This is such an amazing opportunity and I feel so honored that Bri and Heidi chose me to be their intern. We spent this week installing a new show, Objects in Perspective, that opens this Friday at the gallery at 6pm.

I’ve had a lot of free time what with being out of work these past couple months, so I’ve been working on a new photography website (but really it’s a blog 😉 ). Check me out, BlindBanditPhotography! Once I get my feet on the ground here I have plans to experiment with multiple exposures and cyanotypes. This has been in the works for a while so I am very pumped about it and I feel like this is going to be a great year for my photographic efforts.


So, sometimes life gets rough. It happens to all of us. But at the end of the day I still have so much to be thankful for. Going to visit my family in Georgia last weekend helped me to realize that. Reality checks are necessary and they aren’t always pretty, but there is no sense in drowning in self pity. I am making a promise to myself to face my challenges head on. Giving up is simply not an option, I’m only going to get stronger.

New is all Around

Well, Asheville, aren’t you pretty!

IMG_0715 (1)

This past month flew by so fast I’m spinning. Still living half out of boxes, but let’s be honest, I have been living out of boxes for like five years. It is so good to be back down south! Asheville is home to lots of outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking and mountain biking… in fact, I can actually hear the mountains calling my name. I have gone on some pretty impressive hikes already and seen some breath taking views.

Check out Little Bradley Falls in Saluda, NC


This past week some of my best friends from Georgia came to Asheville for their annual spring break (mini) road trip. I haven’t seen these girls in about three years but it felt like five minutes. Best friends are timeless.


Another wonderful thing about this city is all the AMAZING food! Seriously, this place is a local foodie’s dream come true! Organic, vegan, local, delicious, you name it, Asheville’s got it! My first restaurant stop was Tupelo Honey Cafe right in the heart of downtown… and they stole my heart when they brought me this yummy biscuit ❤ Oh yeah, and the mimosa was excellent!

IMG_0485 (1)

Oh, all the places

How many times have you moved in your life? It’s getting a little uncountable for me… I grew up all over the place. I was born in MA and ended up in GA. My nomadic upbringing left me hungry for more. The past five years I’ve been living all over Windham county, CT and getting my fill of magical New England. But the February air and 3 feet of snow (and a burning desire for change in my soul) are telling me to spread my wings again. Enter Asheville, NC. I have never been so excited to live somewhere! Growing up, my dad’s job dictated where we would move a lot of the time but now I’m older and more free and I get to choose where I go. I think we all have a lot more freedom than we give ourselves credit for. We end up identifying with certain places and people and sometimes we let those roles tell us who we are. I think you should love where you are, what you do and the people you surround yourself with, but above all you should love yourself and stay true to you. Your friends and family will love you no matter where you are.

I would like to challenge you, you beautiful soul, to do something for yourself this weekend. Maybe you can get away to the mountains or take a day trip to a special cafe with amazing coffee or just curl up with a good book. Just be sure to give yourself some love because once you do it’s a lot easier to hear that voice inside that tells you what it is you really want out of life.



A true TBT moment

I am not one to participate in TBT normally but while organizing my old hard drive from college I came across some photos that I think deserve to see the light of day. In any case, why let my facebook friends sit back and have all the fun?

My very first TBT… going to see the Warhol exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta in 2011.

Photo298 Photo282 Photo307

Goodbye 2014

One year passes and another begins. I must say, New Years is my favorite of all holidays because I love a fresh start. Something about the count down and the anticipation makes me feel like anything could be possible. There are a lot of big changes coming for me this year. Between moving, starting my own business and finding new homes for my artwork I wonder how I’ll find the time to knit! But I do love a challenge. For now I would like to toast you, 2015! May you bring even more growth and learning, more mistakes to learn from, more friends, more art, more love, more yoga poses, and more adventures! We had a good run 2014, I still love you.