Chapter 7: Back to Georgia

Hi there.

Remember me?

I know its been a while and I’m sorry about that.

But I’m back… in black… and better than ever!

Seriously though, a lot has changed since my last post. I’d love to share with you, if you’ll have me back that is.

The last time we spoke I was making jam in Asheville and it was summertime. Asheville sure was fun and it was a necessary change, a much needed adventure, but I began to feel stagnant by mid summer. The mountains can make you feel infinite at times, like they charge you with their immense power, but other times they can make you feel trapped and claustrophobic. After spending so much time in Connecticut away from my family in Georgia it seemed silly to move to a city in North Carolina where I didn’t know anyone… so close to my home in Georgia, yet so  isolated in my mountain town. I suppose the real issue was I needed to reconnect with my roots.

Move #7: Back to Georgia

In August I high tailed it back to Alpharetta, Georgia, the town I did most of my growing up in and also a place I only visited a handful of times in the past six years.

Life works in mysterious ways. This year began with a feeling; a feeling I needed to change my life, a feeling I needed to move, a feeling much like growing pains. I decided to follow my gut and I moved. I created a life that was truly and completely mine up in Connecticut, independent of my family and friends down south. I left all of that behind because something was telling me it was time to move on. The new path I fell onto was rough and I got hurt badly this past year but I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. I learned things in Asheville that I needed to learn. One of them being say goodbye when you feel it’s time to.

I had no idea why I felt the need to return to GA, but the feeling was so strong I could not turn away.

Almost one month after moving back I met the love of my life. Malcolm and I knew we were in love right away and it is like nothing I’ve experienced before. At the same time it is the most natural and instinctual relationship or even part of my life to date.

This year I learned to listen to my instinct and trust my intuition. It sounds cheesy but guess who doesn’t care? This girl. You know what you need even if you don’t know you know it. I finally feel like I’m the person I’ve always wanted to be. I love myself, I love the world, I see beauty all around. I love the hurt and sadness that brought me here. It was worth every second. I am in love.

When you know, you know.





Wish You Were Here

I have the travel bug.

There is no sense denying it and I wouldn’t want to anyway. I want to experience as much as I can in as many different places as possible. My latest leap has brought me to this magical place known as western North Carolina. Asheville is a lovely city and the Blue Ridge Mountains have completely consumed me. There is so much to discover right here under my nose!


That brings me to the purpose of this post; I wish you were here. Lately I have enjoyed a whirlwind of adventures hiking these magical mountains. The beauty I’ve seen has taken my breath away and I wish so badly that I could share my experiences with my family in GA, my friends in CT and many other friends who are adventuring around the world. All of this has inspired me to start a social media series which I’m calling Wish You Were Here. This project will consist of pictures form my adventuring and short video clips of the beauty that is all around just waiting to inspire us.

Look out for #wishyouwerehere on my other pages: Instagram facebook tumblr

New is all Around

Well, Asheville, aren’t you pretty!

IMG_0715 (1)

This past month flew by so fast I’m spinning. Still living half out of boxes, but let’s be honest, I have been living out of boxes for like five years. It is so good to be back down south! Asheville is home to lots of outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking and mountain biking… in fact, I can actually hear the mountains calling my name. I have gone on some pretty impressive hikes already and seen some breath taking views.

Check out Little Bradley Falls in Saluda, NC


This past week some of my best friends from Georgia came to Asheville for their annual spring break (mini) road trip. I haven’t seen these girls in about three years but it felt like five minutes. Best friends are timeless.


Another wonderful thing about this city is all the AMAZING food! Seriously, this place is a local foodie’s dream come true! Organic, vegan, local, delicious, you name it, Asheville’s got it! My first restaurant stop was Tupelo Honey Cafe right in the heart of downtown… and they stole my heart when they brought me this yummy biscuit ❤ Oh yeah, and the mimosa was excellent!

IMG_0485 (1)