A Message to Moms

Back off.

Stop giving us fashion advice. We know you mean well, but you play it way too safe. If you had it your way we would all wear khakis and polos for life. As the wise, Nobel winning poet Bob Dylan said, “the times they are a changin'” and they keep on a-changin’! Fashion has a lot less rules these days and a lot more options (a lot!).

I’m thinking of a few trends in particular that I’ve heard moms across Atlanta complain about. I’m here to set the record straight.

1.Pastel Pink


There is really only one thing you need to hear, mom: IT DOESN’T WASH ME OUT! What does that even mean anyway? What if I’m going for a monochromatic, or as you say “washed out” look? What if washed out isn’t a bad thing? Actually, we all agree it rocks.

This color and others like it (think rusty orange and faded rose) were huge for Fall/Winter 2016 and the runways tell us this pallet ain’t going nowhere for 2017! Pale pink seems to be THE color for Spring ’17 (insert applause emoji).

2.High Rise Jeans


Mom, we all know you used to get high (high risers that is!) and we understand why you have been hesitant to let anyone get back on the high rise bandwagon; your jeans were awful! They sagged in the butt and had no shape throughout the legs (or just the wrong shape). But we learned from your mistakes and now the perfect jean does exist! The high jeans of today are skinny throughout the leg, they lift the booty and accentuate the waist. Actually, you should really try some on. You’re welcome.



Say it with me: athleisure.

You know that feeling you get when you’re almost done with work and you realize soon you’ll  be home wearing your favorite sweatpants? Now imagine those pants look better on you than your black slacks and cardigan.That’s what athleisure is all about. We are busy people! We need clothes that can take us from here to there while feeling comfortable and looking cool. You’d be surprised how chic sweatpants can look with a layered button up and blazer. And do you even know how many dope fashion sneakers there are to choose from?

I hope we all learned something today. Fashion, style… it’s supposed to be fun! It’s like grown up playtime! Go out and try something new.

To shop my favorite looks, click the links throughout the post.


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