Social Media Abuse

Hello, lovely.

I decided to conducted a little test/experiment on myself and took a social media hiatus. But now I’m back, in black and better than ever! Seriously though, the break did me well. For once I wasn’t checking facebook while cuddled up in bed about to go to sleep, no logging into my email as soon as my alarm went off in the morning, I didn’t pine over lovely mermaid hair on pinterest while eating lunch. In short, I realized social media can be a serious addiction, one we don’t even realize the scope of until it’s gone.

The first couple days were a little rough, I was definitely restless and felt a lack of connection. I wondered what people were up to, but mainly I wanted them to know what I was up to. That’s when it hit me: social media isn’t so much about being connected as it is about showing off. I mean, a little bit, right? Not entirely, not all the time, but a lot of the time it is. I wanted to post pictures of my outfit, where I went hiking, a pretty sunset, my adorable niece and I wondered about my friends less and less.

After the first week of my experiment, I didn’t even miss social media. It was easy to get through the day after a solid week of avoiding temptation, and I was amazed to find my iPhone still had about 70% battery life at the end of the day. WOW! After that second week I noticed I had better concentration and I was sleeping better at night (can I get a hell yeah?!).

Now I’m connected again, which has brought a whole new lesson: I realized social media itself is not bad but that I had been abusing it. I recently had a very emotional day where I was questioning every decision I’ve made in recent months. I went on facebook and made a post about it and I was overwhelmed by the response from my friends. My silly status update brought so much support and love from friends near and far, I sat at my laptop and cried tears of joy at all the positive messages popping up before my eyes. This is what it’s about people!

Social media is fun, it’s supposed to be fun, you are supposed to post pictures from your awesome vacation to Hawaii (and it’s even alright if you sort of hope your friends are jealous), but it is also a support network at times. When someone is feeling down, a simple emoji can express their feelings of hopelessness and can illicit a powerful response from friends and family. So I am vowing to stop over doing it on facebook and instagram (my two favs!) I will pay more attention to my friends posts and not just concern myself with my own.

It’s a gift really, this magical portal that can connect me to my friends who are far away.


2 thoughts on “Social Media Abuse

  1. love this post. It’s really hard not giving in to temptation.
    I’ve also tried this experiment, but i might of went overboard because i deleted and deactivated all my accounts (lost all my pics on instagram blahhh) However, it did make me realise that i didn’t have 1000 something friends, like Facebook told me.
    I really enjoyed reading this.. looking forward to the next post 🙂


    • Wow, that’s so awesome that you deactivated/deleted your social media accounts. That must have been a little difficult. I know what you mean about realizing who your real friends are. Facebook can be so surreal.

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