Wish You Were Here

I have the travel bug.

There is no sense denying it and I wouldn’t want to anyway. I want to experience as much as I can in as many different places as possible. My latest leap has brought me to this magical place known as western North Carolina. Asheville is a lovely city and the Blue Ridge Mountains have completely consumed me. There is so much to discover right here under my nose!


That brings me to the purpose of this post; I wish you were here. Lately I have enjoyed a whirlwind of adventures hiking these magical mountains. The beauty I’ve seen has taken my breath away and I wish so badly that I could share my experiences with my family in GA, my friends in CT and many other friends who are adventuring around the world. All of this has inspired me to start a social media series which I’m calling Wish You Were Here. This project will consist of pictures form my adventuring and short video clips of the beauty that is all around just waiting to inspire us.

Look out for #wishyouwerehere on my other pages: Instagram facebook tumblr

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