Where does the momentum go?

You have a dream! Then you get organized and the dream becomes a goal, then you plan for your goal so that it becomes clear and obtainable. Somewhere along the way you lose that boost of inspiration and excitement that sparked the quest in the first place. Where did that initial momentum go? The law of momentum conservation says that whatever you collided with gained what you lost. So if you are colliding with your dream/goal/plan then that is where your momentum is! Boom!

Inspired again?

You should be. You are giving life to your dream. It is all to easy to lose sight of what you’re working for once you put yourself in the middle of it. It’s like looking at a garden and making up your mind that that is where you want to be and what you want to work on. But once you are in the middle of that garden, on the ground surrounded by weeds, it’s a lot harder to see where you should focus your attention. I say look down at what you’ve got and go from there. You’re heart may say start at the far corner and work your way back. There isn’t a wrong answer.

A friend posted this article by Sarah Von Bargan on facebook earlier, I think you should check it out: How To Actually Do The Stuff You Say You Want To Do. My favorite part of this post is the end where Von Bargan says doing begets more doing. Our potential is like a flower in that garden I mentioned before; once you start “doing” that flower grows more and more util it drops its own seeds…then more flowers grow.

I get really hung up on the financial side of things. I need some photography equipment that I can’t exactly afford. So I’m focusing on what I have available to me right now and I’m doing what I can. Last night I did this: BlindBanditPhotography.tumblr.com. Reaching people is so important to me. I’ve said before that one of my main goals is to inspire others to follow their own hearts and dreams. The web and social media make it so easy to reach people all over the world. So cheers to you friends from facebook, instagram and now tumblr! Go get ’em!

IMG_1958 This is what work looks like.

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